E.U. Frontman on Glenn Close Doing ‘Da Butt’ at the Oscars: It Was Like a Lottery Ticket

After the ‘Fatal Attraction’ actress twerked to his band’s 1988 track during the April 25 telecast, Gregory ‘Sugar Bear’ Elliot admits he was ‘totally surprised’ and ‘blown away’ by the stunt.

AceShowbiz -The frontman of go-go band E.U. was left speechless on Sunday, April 25 after watching acting legend Glenn Close show off her dance moves to the group’s hit “Da Butt” at the Oscars.

The “Fatal Attraction” star had viewers laughing as she twerked to the 1988 track after sharing her deep knowledge of the Washington, D.C. group and the song, which featured in Spike Lee‘s “School Daze” film, during a staged bit as part of house DJ Questlove and comedian Lil Rel Howery‘s Oscars trivia segment.

The clip quickly went viral, and E.U. bassist Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliot reveals he was stunned to hear all about the stunt as friends and family members began reaching out to him about the unexpected shout out during the telecast.

Reflecting on the funny footage, Elliot told Billboard, “I was totally surprised… I was blown away, man. It was like a lottery ticket…”

“I was like, ‘Wow…’ I had butterflies all throughout my body. I was overwhelmed. I started thanking God, like, ‘Wow, this is large.’ “

The Close connection was particularly thrilling for the musician as he has long been a big fan of the eight-time Oscar nominee, and he was full of praise for her dancing talent, branding it “amazing.”

Still in disbelief, he marveled, “Of all the songs in the world to be played… they played my song! You can’t ask for nothing better than that – that was a gift from God [sic].”

“My phone has not stopped ringing, it’s amazing,” he smiled.

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