Father Of Slain 6-Year-Old Responds To Girlfriend's Arrest As HORRIFYING New Details Emerge

This case just gets worse and worse the more that we learn…

The search for Samuel Olson, a missing 6-year-old boy in Houston, Texas, ended in tragedy this week as a woman named Theresa Balboa, the girlfriend of the boy’s father, Dalton Olson, was found in a hotel room with a dead body presumed to be Samuel’s.

So far Theresa has only been charged with tampering with evidence, but we have to imagine more is coming. Especially after reading the court docs explaining the events that led to police finding and arresting her.

Last chance to turn back because this gets brutal…

Samuel was only reported missing on May 27, but according to authorities he had been dead for over two weeks by then.

On May 10, per court documents, Theresa called her roommate, Benjamin Rivera, at work to frantically tell him her boyfriend’s son — who had been in her care since April 30 — had died. Benjamin rushed home only to find the 6-year-old dead, covered in bruises.

Benjamin later confessed to police he helped his roommate put the body in a bathtub, where they left him for two days. Two whole days. We guess that’s how long it took these two to come up with a plan? On May 13 Benjamin purchased a plastic storage container and duct tape from Wal-Mart, and he and Theresa used them to seal up the body, which they drove to a storage unit outside of town.

Then two weeks later Theresa finally reported the boy missing, claiming his mother had shown up with a police officer to take him from her. She even appeared with Dalton on the news to beg for help finding Samuel and tell her story of his disappearance.

You can see that chilling moment at 2:08 (below):

Then on Monday, May 31, Theresa called another male friend, telling him she had been in a fight and needed help. He drove her first to the storage unit, where she picked up what he described as a foul-smelling plastic container, and then to a motel a couple hours away in Jasper.

However, this friend had grown suspicious and called the police.

Jasper police entered the room where one officer “detected an odor that through his experience in law enforcement” determined “to be possible decomposing human remains.” They quickly found the source. Inside black plastic bags secured with duct tape they found the remains — but could not identify the missing child whose photo was all over the news. Sadly, that isn’t surprising; he had been dead for three weeks at this point.

It’s unclear why Samuel’s father entrusted his son to her for so long without checking up, but his attorney, Samuel Veenstra, resents any speculation toward him. Veenstra told the Houston Chronicle on Thursday:

“He’s been nothing but devastated through this whole situation. To put blame on Dalton, as having responsibility for the death of his son, it’s just absurd.”

The lawyer also said of the grieving father:

“He had no reason to suspect something was off with Theresa, assuming Theresa did this.”

Dalton had something to say for himself as well. Speaking to KPRC again after hearing news of the arrest, he said:

“I don’t know what’s going on. I found out what happened last night. I can barely breathe.”

Dalton said he wants “justice” for his son. When asked what he wanted to say to his girlfriend now, he responded:

“Why? He loved you so much. I do not understand what happened. Why did you, why did you do this?”

Thus far Theresa is the only person who has been charged with a crime. She is currently being held in the Jasper County Jail.

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