F***ing gutted Jeremy Clarksons daughter to undergo another procedure in health battle

Emily Clarkson reveals why she can’t take part in charity hike

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Emily Clarkson, 27, updated her followers on Instagram today as she prepared to have a root canal at the dentist. The writer has had a year of health woes after suffering from a broken jaw, two slipped discs and a burst sinus wall.

She shared on her Instagram story: “Root canal… I’m absolutely f***ing gutted.

“It’s a broken jaw and two slipped discs and a burst sinus wall not enough for one year, for one person!

“Before this year, I’d never even had a filling and now I’m like, yeah, I’ll take one of everything please,” she added sarcastically.

Later Emily updated her fans on the operation, as she admitted having a “breakdown”.

The body positivity activist continued: “The size of the breakdown I just had, it’s my front tooth.

“My front tooth has died. I am harbouring a corpse and to fix it they need to do f***ing taxidermy so that I can continue to live with my dead tooth in the middle of my face.

“I wish I had stayed at home,” she added looking downcast.

A root canal treatment (endodontics) is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth.

In February, the author and journalist had her jaw broken and her mouth wired shut.

She shared that she still has two painful slipped discs in her jaw and asked her Instagram followers to ask her questions.

Emily, who is the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson and his ex-wife Frances Cain, had her jaw realigned and explained to her followers how the recovery process was going.

She revealed that her situation has ‘much improved’ but she still faced issues.

She said: “The splint didn’t work so I have still got two slipped discs in my jaw which is painful and limiting.

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“I can’t open my mouth wide (this is the capacity which is like half of what it was before).”

The author shared a snap of how far she can open her mouth and continued: “I also still have discomfort and scar tissue where the sinus wall exploded but I am learning to live with that because the solution is more surgery and no thanks.

“We ain’t done yet because I am going to have to do something about the slipped discs but I can’t face it right now so I’m sort of pretending it isn’t happening which is not good.”(sic)

Emily finished: “But I can eat in public again lol so that’s good!

“Bit weird though because all my mouth nerves are still asleep. I can’t feel anything.

“But all in all doing way better and that all feels like a mad dream.”

Earlier in the year, she shared the surgery with her fans revealing she had “screws in my gums and elastic bands hooked around them” as well as being forced to ‘syringe soup in” because she needed the nutrition.

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