Gaetz Gate Gets Worse As Women Come Forward With LITERAL RECEIPTS From S*x Parties!

Matt Gaetz is in Trouble! With a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for PARTY!

We learned late last month the Republican Rep. was under investigation by the Justice Department for his role in an underage s*x trafficking operation.

According to the originaly bombshell New York Times report, the DOJ was looking into the activities of Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg, who was charged with dozens of crimes, including embezzlement and s*x trafficking of a child. That case led them to Gaetz, whom they are reportedly investigating for, among other things, alleged relations with a 17-year-old girl (yes, that’s underage — in Florida the age of consent is 18). Even worse is if he paid her to cross state lines to sleep with him, which would make this a case of trafficking on his part.

The more that comes out, the worse things look for the Donald Trump fanboy. First, another report came out from The Daily Beast showing proof he paid the women, via Greenberg, on the Venmo app! Hilarious.

Now we’ve got even more evidence — in the form of some of these women actually spilling the tea!

In a new CNN report, two women have come forward, saying they attended wild parties over the past couple years with Gaetz and other high-powered men in attendance. One woman called it a “who’s who of local Republican officials,” including Gaetz.

At these parties, say the women, they were obliged to turn in their phones before entering so no photos got taken. Once inside there were often drugs like cocaine and ecstasy passed around, and there was lots of s*x. Some of the men there were still dressed in their formal attire from political events.

The parties were sometimes at houses and sometimes in hotel suites after political events, said one of the women:

“No one ever wants to stop partying, stop drinking, once you’ve had a few glasses of champagne in you.”

One woman says she interacted with Gaetz at these parties, and that he was a “frat type of party boy” whom she saw take pills she believed to be recreational drugs. She said he liked to talk politics, even while partying. Wow, that could not sound less fun.

Both women also said they never personally saw any underage girls there… though we can’t imagine they were ID’ing. Reminder, DB‘s reporting puts the three women they identified at college age, one just having turned 18 six months prior.

Most importantly, the women confirmed money did indeed change hands in exchange for s*x. One showed CNN receipts — literal, actual receipts — from 2018 and 2019 as proof Greenberg paid her hundreds of dollars through payment apps. She claims this money was in exchange for sleeping with some of the men there, though she would not say which ones.

She also confirmed she was never paid directly by Gaetz, which… considering the Venmo story would check out. Gaetz has consistently denied ever having paid for s*x. But based on what we learned from his formerly public Venmo account, he apparently did pay Greenberg. If that money was being filtered through his pal to the women, there’s no way that defense can hold up.

That’s especially true if, as has been reported, Greenberg has been cooperating with the feds and giving them info on encounters they had with women whom they gave cash or gifts in exchange for s*x.

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