Gap Drops First Item from Kanye Yeezy Collab, Blue Jacket without Zippers

The first offering Kanye West and Gap are putting out to the public is a jacket — one you can’t really bundle up in … but it’ll still cost you a couple Benjamins, plus tax.

The YEEZY Gap Round jacket has officially arrived … the inaugural article of clothing from Ye’s fashion company and the iconic American retailer that’s now available for pre-order. Its debut comes on a notable date … Mr. West’s 44th birthday.

As for the structure of it, it’s pretty simple. Like we said … it’s a coat — a puffer with some billowy heft to it, made of recycled nylon material … and, as you noticed, screams bright blue. Unclear if it’ll come in any other colors, or if this is it.

The other feature folks are pointing out … you can’t zip or button the damn thing up, like at all. So, this thing’s clearly just for fashion, and is clearly a shift for Gap. Oh, and it retails for $200.

Regardless of what you *thought* YEEZY/Gap gear would cost when they first announced this partnership … here’s an early indication of what may come, so ya better start saving up if you were expecting traditional Gap prices. YEEZY comes at a bit of a premium, folks.

BTW, Ye himself has been rocking this puppy lately … he was seen wearing the puffy jacket earlier this week, no doubt teasing its forthcoming release. So we gotta ask … you coppin’???

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