Georgia Harrison was hours from death after terrifying health scare amid sex tape leak

Georgia Harrison was 24 hours from death following the leak of the sex tape released by her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear.

The Love Island star, 28, was hospitalised two years ago after she developed sepsis after a cyst burst on her ovary and became infected.

Georgia fell seriously ill four months after disgraced ex Stephen, 32, released a sex tape of himself recorded in August 2020 and her on his OnlyFans without her consent.

Stephen received a guilty verdict on Tuesday 13 December as he was convicted by a jury of two counts of revenge porn and one count of voyeurism, having previously denied the charges.

In her first exclusive interview since the revenge porn trial, Georgia spoke of how she was struck ill due to the stress of the leak of the sex tape.

She told The Sun: “I was alone in Dubai at the time and I could not see my family because of the pandemic.

“I fell ill through the stress; I was locking myself away and barely sleeping. In the end a cyst on my ovary burst and it became infected. That infection spread to my bladder, liver and pelvis and my mum begged me to go to hospital.”

Georgia continued: “When I arrived, they told me that if I had waited for one more night to get help, I would have died.

“I had contracted sepsis and spent Christmas in hospital by myself. My friend Kaz Crossley was nearby so luckily, she came to help me. My mum would Facetime me in hospital and I was so ill she didn’t recognise me.”

The reality star said how she was informed that “stress can cause cysts to burst” and believes “the effect this had on me led to me almost losing my life.”

Georgia added: “The doctors told me I was lucky to be alive.”

She revealed that ex Stephen was also in Dubai at the time she was sent to hospital.

“It was awful for my family knowing I was dangerously ill in hospital and he was drinking cocktails on the beach just miles away from me,” Georgia said.

“That was so painful for them.”

Stephen faces up to two years imprisonment, an unlimited fine, or both, following his guilty verdict and convictions this week.

The leak of the sex tape led Georgia to feel “crippled by shame and embarrassment” as her family found out, she continued to share.

“I have little brothers and sisters who were all in school at the time,” Georgia said.

“They have had to deal with people bringing it up with them, calling me names. People were trying to forward it on social media to them.

“It has really affected their lives as well — it wasn’t just mine that was ruined.”


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