Harry Styles reveals knee tattoos as he arrives in London after lockdown in LA

Harry Styles isn’t short on the old tattoos, but ones we rarely get to see are the bits of ink above and below his knees.

The Watermelon Sugar star, 26, flew back from Los Angeles where he had been isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic and was spotted jogging with his trainer in London. 

Harry was seen rocking a brightly-coloured ensemble including bright red trainers and a blue, yellow and red jacket. 

However, all eyes were on his knees as we finally got a better glimpse at what his knee tattoos say – and it’s safe to say they’re pretty unique.

The ink Harry has above and below his knees says ‘yes’ in French and Spanish on his right leg and ‘no’ in both languages on his left leg.

While we’re racking our brains to try and work out the meaning behind the new ink, one thing’s for certain… there’s definitely nobody else out there with those same tatts (yet). 

Harry’s built up and impressive collection of tattoos over the years, keeping them mainly on his torso and arms until now, although he has a couple on his thighs, too. 

His tattoo journey began with a black star he got inked on the inside of his left arm on his 18th birthday, and he now boasts an array of different designs. 

Among them, Harry has the word Pingu tattooed on him, while his good mate Ed Sheeran has the character after the pair got the tattoos in honour of their favourite children’s show. 

Several of his designs also have a nautical theme, including a ship and an anchor, and he has also had some of his earlier pieces covered up with others. 

One of the most iconic, however, is the large butterfly in the centre of his torso which was reportedly inspired by the movie Papillon. 

While we could go on listing Harry’s tattoos, the main thing is – he’s back in London, and with him and Normal People’s Paul Mescal just casually jogging around the city, we’ve no excuse not to get into running… 

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