Jason Derulo Has Advice For Those Wanting To Launch A Career On TikTok

Jason Derulo has opened up about his secret recipe to mastering TikTok.

The 31-year-old singer, who has been taking over the video platform and thrived on it in 2020, spoke to Spout Podcast about why he’s so successful on it.

“I really immersed myself as part of the TikTok community. It’s not me trying just to promote my music,” he explained. “I see too many artists do that, and it’s almost disrespectful.”

Jason did offer up some motivational advice to those wanting to really get involved on the platform and get noticed.

“A lot of really talented people just let life happen. In the beginning, they were so hungry and focused on this one thing. They want to make it out there so badly that hunger makes them make it happen. The problem is when they get there, their work ethic starts to slow down, and new hungrier Jason Derulo type wants it more than you do, and if you are not careful, they’re going to take your spot.”

At the moment, Jason has over 1 billion likes on the platform, and almost 45 million fans.

If you missed it, Jason just announced some big news with girlfriend Jena Frumes.

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