Jax Taylor thinks coronavirus is a ‘punishment’ from God

“Vanderpump Rules” star Jax Taylor is convinced the coronavirus is a “punishment” from God.

“I know a lot of good people are out of work and are having a rough time and that sucks and I am so sorry,” the 40-year-old reality star wrote in a lengthy note on social media over the weekend. “But I feel like this is a punishment from the man upstairs.”

He continued, “I really think he’s tired of the way we treat people, he’s tired of how we treat the planet, probably thinks some of us are ungrateful. I mean I could go on and on.. but this is like a serious ‘time out’ for the world.”

Taylor — who was raised Catholic and, in 2018, stated that he began regularly attending church again — says that we need to “change our ways” and the “true test will be how we come out of this.”

“Let’s show the man upstairs we can do better for ourselves and humanity. He’s done so much for us. It’s time to pay him back,” he ended the post along with a cross and heart emoji.

Taylor originally posted the note on Instagram. He first turned off the comments before deleting the post on Sunday and moving it into his Instagram Stories. He also posted to Twitter, which elicited comments both agreeing with and slamming his sentiments.

“Huh, weird that god would punish the elderly, cancer patients, healthcare professionals, etc and yet for some reason spare self-obsessed reality tv sociopaths. He truly works in mysterious ways,” one user commented.

Another wrote, “This is disgusting. You should be ashamed for posting… but I guess you’ve always set the lowest bar for humanity.”

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