John Bishop wife: Comedian ‘drowned out pain’ with wine during break from spouse

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John Bishop previously opened up on his heartbreak following his 18-month split from his wife Melanie, admitting he used booze to “drown out the pain”. But his alcohol-induced rut he had found himself in was almost a blessing in disguise, as it propelled Bishop to international fame and finally got the couple back together.

I was drowning out the pain of the only person I really loved not wanting me any more

John Bishop

The former pharmaceutical sales rep turned comedian, who is set to appear on The Masked Dancer tonight, told Jonathon Ross in 2014 that he had drunkenly walked into Manchester’s Frog and Bucket club in 2000, grabbed the mic and began to reel off stand-up material that eventually led to him selling out the biggest arenas in the UK.

But before that, he recalled a moment where he thought he had lost Melanie, the only woman he has ever loved, forever.

After she had turned down going to the park as a family after dropping off their children with Bishop, he came to the realisation that their marriage was fully over and she would move on and find someone new who would play pivotal role in their sons’ lives.

“The realisation cut me in half,” he said.

“I couldn’t stop the tears from falling as I tried to get wellies on the lads.

“No man wants to cry in front of his sons but it’s even worse when you don’t know why you’re doing it.”

When it was her turn to have their boys Luke, Daniel and Joe, he would “sink a bottle of wine” and watch daytime TV.

“I was drowning out the pain of the only person I really loved not wanting me any more,” he shrugged.

Their split was amicable, having put their Manchester house up for sale, divided the proceeds and got separate places near to each other for the sake of the kids.

But the pair rekindled their love for one another after Melanie happened to visit the Frog and Bucket one night when Bishop was telling jokes.

They weren’t the nicest, but they did the trick.

The comedian was talking about killing her and keeping her head in the fridge because “I knew I’d miss her”.

Following a few visits to relationship counselling, their marriage reignited and remains solid to this day.

“When I first saw Melanie I knew she was the only one for me, and it still feels a bit like that now,” he beamed before revealing he would never find anyone else if they were to ever split again.

The Masked Dancer airs tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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