John Legend Says Upcoming Album Will Be ‘Sexiest’ To Date

John Legend, who recently revealed that he is working on a new album, said the upcoming record will be his “sexiest” to date.

Legend joined Jimmy Fallon via video chat for an all new “The Tonight Show: Home Edition” on YouTube on Tuesday night.

“The new album is coming, we’re mixing it, we’re getting our strings finished,” Legend explained. “But there are some wrinkles that haven’t been ironed out. I’m not sure how we’ll execute our string recording, I don’t know how we’ll distance our way into an orchestra recording. We’ll figure that out, maybe we’ll have to do a few players at a time and overdub it.”

He added, “It’s actually probably my sexiest album to date. If you’re stuck at home and want to make some coronababies… if you spend a lot of time with your partner and you need a soundtrack to that.”

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