Justin Timberlake Gets In on the ‘It’s Gonna Be May’ Quarantine Memes

Justin Timberlake‘s iconic “it’s gonna be me” is being used by those in quarantine in the United States right now.

Donald Trump just announced that Americans will need to continue to practice social distancing until April 30.

Well, the Internet went wild and began sharing “It’s gonna be May” memes in response to how long we’re staying inside for.

We usually don’t see the “It’s gonna be May” memes until the end of April, but under these circumstances, it’s obviously being brought out earlier.

Justin posted his own version, with Lizzo singing the iconic line. “When’s the next time we leaving the house, @lizzobeeating?? But, for real… jokes aside… STAY IN!!!!,” he captioned the post.

The United States made the April 30 announcement after this news came to light.

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