Larry Kudlow: A breakdown of America First Policy Institute's efforts to rejuvenate America


Larry Kudlow: The country has rejected Biden’s administration

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow shreds President Joe Biden’s leadership and explains how the U.S. economy can improve on ‘Kudlow.’

Looking at the polls, whether liberal, conservative or someplace in between, it's very clear that the country has rejected Joe Biden's administration and his radical big government socialist policies of massive federal spending, extreme nutty climate activism, taxing the wealthy, the successful and all businesses, attempts at what Steve Forbes calls "modern socialism by using the regulatory state," and inflationary money.   

Only 18 months ago, the economy was healthy, growing at 6% with less than 2% inflation.   

Today, the recessionary economy is shrinking, inflation is running near 10%, gas prices are still well over $4 and a gloomy, unhappy America is in revolt.   

Again, in just 18 months, working folks have turned from optimism to pessimism. America is weaker at home and abroad. The border is violated. The traditional culture has been subverted. Crime remains rampant and the schools continue to decline.   


President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the National Museum of Korea in May 2022. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, Pool) (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, Pool / AP Newsroom)

However, with all these problems and America on the wrong track under Biden, this can be changed!   

I'm down here in Washington, D.C., attending a summit conference hosted by the America First Policy Institute, a conservative think tank that is working to develop policies that will make America great again, again. Brooke Rollins is president and CEO. Linda McMahon is chairman of the board. Yours truly is vice chair of the board.   

The group is littered with senior policy makers from the Trump administration and many other conservative scholars. Our ideas may not be perfect, but they are a whole lot better than what's going on under the Bidens. We are for freedom. We are for free markets, free enterprise and capitalism. We believe in rewarding success, not punishing it. We favor energy independence, not dependence.   

We wish to restore low taxes, deregulation, reduce federal spending and sound money. We are working on a balanced budget. We want to make this economy growthier, giving everyone the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.   

We want less government in the economy, but we also want the government to do its job by protecting our borders and by strengthening our national security.   

AFPI wants parents to run their kids' schools. We want to end the crime wave by backing the police and protecting victims, rather than criminals. We are also working toward election reforms that will give states, not the federal government, the authority to manage elections. We favor traditional Judeo-Christian values and we strongly oppose critical race theory, sex and gender identity, racial conflict and the incredible phony falsehoods promoted by far-left radicals who hate America and are trying to rewrite American history.   



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This attempt to cancel our traditional culture and history must stop. One of the truly positive achievements thwarting the Bidens’ radical cultural and economic agenda is the emergence of a conservative constitutionalist Supreme Court.   

Recent decisions to protect Second Amendment rights, return abortion decisions back to the states and their voters, and the West Virginia v. EPA decision that will stop unelected bureaucrats from unlawful regulatory central planning — these SCOTUS decisions are far-reaching and frankly very bullish.   

AFPI is willing to help any candidate for president, Senate, House members, governors and state legislators. As a 501(c)(3), we are not political, but we have a vision to stop the madness of the Biden administration and we believe there's a huge coalition out there of common-sense voters, families and working folks — be they Republican, independent or Democrat — who will join our crusade to make America great again, again.   



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The cavalry is coming. Pessimism can turn into optimism again. America can be restored. Keep your chin up, folks.   

AFPI’s efforts to rejuvenate America right now may be the greatest story never told, but we're working on it.

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow's opening commentary on the July 26, 2022, edition of "Kudlow."   

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