Louise Redknapp stopped listening to music for 4 years during marriage to Jamie Redknapp

Louise Redknapp on feeling 'claustrophobic' while not working

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The singer has admitted that there was once a period in her life when she felt as though she would never sing again. Louise Redknapp, 45, returned to the music industry last year following an almost two-decade-long hiatus.

I reckon I went through a stage where I didn’t listen to music for about four or five years because it gave me anxiety that I may never sing or be on stage again

Louise Redknapp

The Lewisham born singer and actress had been married to former footballer Jamie Redknapp between 1998 and 2017, before they called time on their marriage.

After topping the charts with Eternal, Louise ventured into the music industry as a solo artist before settling down and having two children, sons Charley, 16, and Beau, 12, with Jamie.

However, as she embraced motherhood and her new lease of life, Louise felt as though she may never find a love for music again.

“It was really strange in the early part of having kids and being married, it was fine because you’ve worked loads and all of a sudden you want that normality, that bit of time at home,” she said.

Speaking to Sheridan Smith on her BBC Sounds podcast Sheridan’s Showstoppers, Louise went on to add: “To have that felt lovely, to breathe again, not kind of be too worried about schedules and finishing records and just enjoy the children.

“It was only really as time went on and they got bigger [that] my life felt like it was shrinking into this little box and everybody else’s life was expanding.”

She continued: “So I felt really claustrophobic and really scared that I’d lost doing what I love.

“When you love what you do it kind of gives you the confidence and when you strip that away from me, I sort of become really unconfident as a person and that’s sort of my back up.”

The Breaking Back Together singer went on to tell Sheridan: “So I did really miss it towards the end. It was really making me feel I really suffered from the lack of doing anything that I love doing.

“I reckon I went through a stage where I didn’t listen to music for about four or five years because it gave me anxiety that I may never sing or be on stage again.”

Louise confessed: “So I preferred to pretend it didn’t exist.”

After hearing her heartbreaking revelation, Sheridan offered comfort, saying: “That’s the thing with music, it gets your soul doesn’t it? It’s in you.”

“It’s just sort of a reminder of what you’re not doing, but luckily enough, I did obviously make a new album, which I love,” said Louise.

Speaking of her 18-year long hiatus, Louise said: “I sometimes think to myself if I hadn’t had an 18-year gap, I wonder how many records I could have maybe sold.”

However, one aspect she didn’t enjoy during her career was the constant judgement from fellow parents.

“I actually look back now, I remember being given such a hard time that I’d gone off to do a theatre show and having two kids.”

The West End actress continued: “You know, people had so much judgement on it and I remember it being such a saving grace for me because I obviously saw my kids all the time.

“You know what it’s like touring, you know, you get home on a Saturday night, you’re there all day Sunday, all day Monday and also a lot of the time, you’re near enough [home].

“I’d get in the car and just drive home in order to be there to take the kids to school in the morning, but it was such a saving grace, I think, for me, just because it gave me the belief that it would all be ok.”

This week, Louise will appear on ITV’s I Can See Your Voice – attempting to figure out who is the best singer from a line up that includes a singing student and a personal trainer.

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