‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Alexis Skyy ‘Using’ a ‘White Guy’ to Fund Her New Business

The TV personality’s former bestie Ikey, who recently had a fallout with the ‘LHH: Hollywood’ star, is fanning their feud as he’s spilling some tea about her on Instagram.

AceShowbizAlexis Skyy‘s feud with her former business partner Ikey is nowhere near being over. After the two engaged in a back and forth on social media earlier this month, Ikey wouldn’t stop talking about his former bestie and even has taken to his Instagram page to spill some tea about her.

Answering fans’ questions about Alexis on his new Instagram page The Vault Uncut, the fashion entrepreneur suggested that the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star is using a man for his money to fund her new business. “Some White guy she just met & is using for everything,” he responded to someone who asked, “Who’s paying for her new shop?”

In another Instagram Story post, Ikey dissed Alexis for opening up about her experience of being a sex trafficking victim in the past. While confirming that her story “is VERY MUCH True,” he added, “The girl who’s saying/doing all that is just after attention from the blogs. That I will say.”

Weighing in on Alexis’ feud with Ari Fletcher, Ikey claimed that Alexis is scared of Ari. He additionally revealed that the VH1 reality TV star broke up with her boyfriend Trouble after he posted a photo or video of Lori Harvey on his social media page.

In another post on his personal Instagram account, he shared a cryptic message seemingly addressed to Alexis. “Once I don’t like you… I will never respect u… & Once the respeck is gone.. the disrespect comes out to play,” read the post.

Alexis first aired out her broken friendship with Ikey earlier this month, when she shared a cryptic post about loyalty. Replying to her message, Ikey hit back, “it’s the loyalty for u… but u got ya ‘friends’ blocking me ur business page. Nobodi can’t talk to me about no loyalty… when I been the most loyal mf in ur corner!!! So miss me with that bulls**t.”

Alexis later accused Ikey of stealing her Macbook and bags from her house. “you were in my house with your friends and all my s**t is gone now. Mac book my bags lol so I’m not suppose to be upset did I come on ig with this s**t you sitting here doing snake s**t, I don’t give a f**k about no blocking on a page tell them I want my s**t back, you didn’t call me once to ask me if I’m good nothing,” she wrote at the time.

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