Martin Freeman’s ex Amanda says couple’s split did ‘irreparable damage’ to their children

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Amanda Abbington, 47, now says that she believes that her son, Joe, 15, and daughter Grace, 12, who she shares with Sherlock star Martin Freeman, 49, could need therapy. The actress has spoken of the “irreparable damage” the couple’s split may have caused.

I’m sure I’ve given them irreparable damage and they will be going to therapy because of me and Martin at some point.

Amanda Abbington

Miss Selfridge star Amanda and Martin parted ways in 2016 after spending almost two decades together, with the pair remaining friends following their separation.

Now, she has addressed the damage their split could have caused to their two children, as they continue their lives through adolescence.

Amanda, who is an ambassador for the It’s OK Mental Health campaign, told her 49,100 Instagram followers that her discussions could frustrate her former partner, who often keeps his personal life private.

In an Instagram Live broadcast, the Wolfe star said: “I think it’s unsettling if I pretend I’m this Stepford Wife parent, nobody is.”

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She continued: “I’m sure I’ve given them irreparable damage and they will be going to therapy because of me and Martin at some point.”

The London born actress continued to discuss their children, who she and Martin hope will be honest with them.

“If I can teach them [Joe and Grace] to talk about it, say there’s nothing to be frightened of or ashamed of with whatever you’re going through — whether you get drunk or try drugs, whatever you do — this place where we live is a safe place where you can say whatever you like,” she said.

Amanda remarked: “That’s what I am striving for and what Martin strives for as well — to create a place where they’re not hiding anything.”

She went on to say that discussing mental health with her two children is crucial and hopes they know that some days can be “hard”.

“To hide this from my children, that sometimes I get depressed or if I’m on antidepressants, what are you saying about all these mental health issues?”

“Are you saying they’re offensive and shouldn’t happen? I don’t want that,” she admitted.

Amanda shockingly revealed that her son, Joe, had been left horrified after he learnt that a social media troll had wished her dead several years ago on Twitter.

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Addressing the tweet in question, she said: “The idea that someone has the mentality to throw those things out to people without even thinking the ripple effect of that, it’s the casual hate I find really upsetting.

“You can make an anonymous account [online] and destroy people, if I hadn’t been in a stronger place when I was getting those tweets all the time, I don’t know what I’d have done.”

Speaking frankly about her own battles with mental health, for which she has sought therapy, Amanda bravely said: “I hated myself for so many years. I thought I wasn’t good enough for any relationship,

“I wasn’t good enough for my parents or any situation and being in regular therapy it’s like: ‘Yeah, I am, I’m alright.'”

Amanda’s revelations come just months after she announced she had split from her partner of four years, Jonjo O’Neill in January.

Previously discussing her relationship with ex Martin, Amanda revealed that the former couple managed to keep their separation a secret for several months.

Speaking to The Sunday Times in April 2018, she said: “When we broke up nobody knew, we didn’t tell anybody except for a few key people because they had to know, because of the logistics of hotels and stuff.

“It took six months for it to get out and a lot of that was while we were working on Sherlock.

“We were professional and we were going to get on and make a show and be civil to each other.”

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