Miley Cyrus and Her Head-to-Toe Sequins Want You to Get the COVID Vaccine

Back during Miley Cyrus's NFL TikTok Tailgate, 75,000 vaccinated, Florida-based healthcare workers got to experience a live concert — something almost everyone hasn't gotten to do in more than a year. They also snagged camera time in Cyrus's new music video, "Angels Like You," which uses footage from the performance. At the end of the clip, Cyrus added an important message to her fans, urging them to get the COVID-19 vaccine when possible, so that everyone could enjoy live music again. With teamwork, she insists, the pandemic can come to an end and fans can gather again.

"The dedication of this song could never repay you for your services," Cyrus said at the performance back in February. Since the music video uses clips from the show, she's wearing the same head-to-toe sequin-covered football uniform. In addition to padded shoulders and the black-and-pink shimmering design, Cyrus's shaggy mullet was on full display.

Miley Cyrus Football Uniform Sequins

After the song fades out, Cyrus's note appears, which included details about the show for anyone reeling from seeing so many people together, and her plea for everyone to get vaccinated when they can.

"Nearly a year after the world shut down because of COVID-19, this video was shot at the first concert of its size since the pandemic changed our lives. The audience here is fully vaccinated healthcare workers who have been fearlessly + tirelessly fighting COVID-19. We all look forward to being together again + this can happen sooner than we may have thought with vaccines becoming more available," the note reads. "Each of us can help stop the pandemic by being vaccinated. Together we can make the experience of live music a reality again."

Miley Cyrus Angels Like You Vaccination Note

Cyrus's message echos Dr. Anthony Fauchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden. During a February briefing, he said that getting the vaccination as soon as possible could stop the virus from mutating.

"You need to get vaccinated when it becomes available as quickly and as expeditiously as possible throughout the country," he said. "And the reason for that is … viruses cannot mutate if they don't replicate. And if you stop their replication by vaccinating widely and not giving the virus an open playing field to continue to respond to the pressures that you put on it, you will not get mutations."

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