New Bachelorette Katie Thurston Already Facing Backlash – See What Went Down & Why Fans Are PISSED!

This wasn’t the greatest way for new Bachelorette Katie Thurston to introduce herself to the reality TV world!

Thurston, who was on Matt James‘ season of The Bachelor and has been tabbed to be the leading lady for season 17 of the hit reality TV show, is facing major social media backlash after a controversial recent Instagram post. On Tuesday, the new reality star took to her IG account to share a pic of friend Casandra Suarez, a fellow cast mate from James’ season pictured in the inset (above), giving her a kiss on the neck.

According to screenshots captured by fans, the kiss pic was taken in front of a neon sign that read “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS” — a reference to a hit song from the legendary 80s band Mötley Crüe.

In the caption of the since-deleted picture, Katie reportedly wrote “Whatever floats your boat.” Then, to further add speculation, Casandra doubled down in the comments section, writing:

“So did Katie actually end up with me, yes or no?”


Naturally, that made fans wonder whether Katie was revealing something new about her sexuality! But the soon-to-be reality TV star quickly walked it back, replying to another comment on that post:

“I did not intend for this picture to be a statement about my sexuality. This is simply a friendship post. I’ve never spoken publicly about my sexuality nor am I doing so with this picture. Nothing but love for everyone.”

The pic — and that first walk-back non-apology — were not very well received, though.

Throughout the day, followers accused Thurston of “queer baiting” and making light of her relationship with Suarez in a way that was offensive to the LGBT community. After a few hours, the controversy caused her to eventually delete the entire post.

And later on Tuesday night, the brunette star-to-be came forward with a new apology for the incident, as well. Thurston posted this one to her IG Stories (below) with a rainbow background — so subtle.


In the aftermath of her deleted post and apology, the controversy seems to have died down quite a bit. Most recently, Twitter users were mostly coming to Katie’s defense on Wednesday, as you can see (below):

“Good grief I thought she would’ve used the F word. Glad I checked and no longer judging her, but just feel bad for her for being attacked.”

“People get offended too easily… c’mooon”

“Guess she’ll be done now. She’s entitled to her opinion though.”

“What on earth does she need to apologize for? Every day someone is apologizing for someone’s reaction to something they said or did….get thicker skin people!”

Well then… are they right with those hot takes defending the young starlet after the fact?! Or should she have apologized as she did for the insensitivity of the post in the first place??

Sound OFF with your take on the season 17 Bachelorette‘s first big f**k-up down in the comments (below)…

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