Paul Staehle: A Scary Obsessed 90 Day Fiance Fan Planned to MURDER Me!

Over the weekend, Paul Staehle thanked his wife for clearing his name after accusing him of many awful things.

According to Karine Martins, Paul was only accused of these things due to a translation error.

But Paul doesn’t think that the translator mixed things up by accident.

He describes her as some sort of superfan who turned into a stalker … and was plotting to murder him.

“The translator Karine is referring to,” Paul’s stunning Instagram Story post began.

He shared that this was someone “she lived with in New Albany, Indiana.”

“She was not a government certified translator,” Paul claimed. “However, a Brazilian K-1 immigrant.”

“It disgusts me she tried to [get?] Karine [to?] have an abortion,” Paul accused.

“And,” he alleged, “have false allegations placed on me.”

This translator helped Karine file her police report for a restraining order, accusing Paul of controlling and abusive behaviors.

“This was not Karine’s idea,” Paul claimed.

“It was the fan of the TV show,” he added.

He is insinuating here that the translator was a superfan of the show, not an ordinary friend of Karine’s.

“When Karine learned the woman planned to have me murdered,” Paul casually dropped into the Story.

He explained that she planned this “to attempt to help her permanently get rid of me.”

Paul said that this was when “Karine left her house.”

“Karine returned with no SIM card and no SIM card tray in her phone,” Paul added.

“The translator fan also had a Brazilian lawyer file a police complaint while I was alone here in Brazil,” he shared.

“Karine’s family defended me,” Paul wrote, “and made the police understand the allegations were false.”

“Fans of the series have tried to have me falsely arrested and imprisoned and murdered,” Paul claimed out of left field.

“To be honest,” he continued, “I no longer feel safe returning to the USA knowing this woman wants me dead.”

But he emphasizes that he does not fault his wife for any of this.

“Karine was against the false allegations and the murder plot,” Paul wrote in all caps.

He recalled: “Karine was in a dark place.”

“However,” Paul added, “her family are helping her heal.”

“Her family are amazing people,” Paul remarked.

“I had no idea they saved me from being arrested here,” he shared.

Paul concluded: “Until they told me after they resolved everything.”

90 Day Fiance stars have been through a lot.

Messy fights, cheating scandals, arrests — both justified and unjustified, love triangles, divorces, and more.

Paul and Karine have, well, had their share of mess. But this? This is new.

What’s remarkable is that unless he mistyped, Paul may be alleging that this isn’t the first fan to attempt to murder him.

That is more than a little jarring.

Is it sad that he’s not even the first star to express fear about going to a specific country because he might be in danger?

Now, Paul does not have the best track record, and we’re not just talking about his alarming criminal history.

Karine, notably, only said that her translator misunderstood — and has never publicly said anything like Paul’s accusations.

That said, it’s very possible that Paul, ridiculous as he often is, is telling the truth here. That sounds frightening.

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