Peter Weber’s Dating History Proves He’s Always Been a Crappy Boyfriend

As you're probably aware, Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor was an absolute disaster.

Sure, it was entertaining at times, but not only did Peter fail to find love, it often seemed that he wasn't all that serious about looking for it.

Of course, his apparent indifference toward the process didn't stop Peter from proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss.

Shortly thereafter, he very gradually broke off the engagement so that he could half-heartedly pursue Madison Prewett.

Watching those irritating final episodes, you might have found yourself wondering if Peter was always so spineless and indecisive.

And now we have your answer.

Take a look:

1.The Process Begins


3.A History of Spineless

4.Inauspicious Start

5.Flying Dirty


7.Poor Calee

8.What a Guy

9.Awful Timing

10.Sounds Serious


12.Cutting Ties

13.Molding His Image

14.Here We Go

15.Let the Indecision Begin!

16.Oh No He Didn't

17.Bad Call

18.Blast From the Past

19.Pretty Bad

20.Major Cringe

21.The Human Jellyfish

22.Flash In the Pan

23.He Has No Idea What He Wants

24.Careful, Girl

25.Keep Your Eyes Open

26.The Babs Factor

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