Prince Harry: Trauma of Losing Mom Diana Is ‘Remarkably Similar’ to Pain Felt by Robin Williams’ Son

The Duke of Sussex could relate to the struggle experienced by Zak Williams following the tragic passing of his actor father because it’s ‘remarkably similar’ to His Own Trauma.

AceShowbizPrince Harry could really relate to the mental health trauma suffered by Robin Williams‘ eldest son as he struggled to come to terms with the loss of the funnyman.

The Duke of Sussex interviewed Zak Williams with TV mogul Oprah Winfrey for their new Apple+ mental health series, “The Me You Can’t See“, and he felt a real connection with the actor’s son as he opened up about how he coped with the death of the “Mrs. Doubtfire” star in 2014.

Prince Harry, who was just 12 when his mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a car crash in 1997, explained on “Good Morning America“, “Zak’s story is a classic example in the sort of the parallel thread between what happened with him at his age and what happened to me at my age, it’s remarkably similar.”

“There was one thing that he said in a follow-up conversation, which was (that) his service to others has helped heal him. And I think that was a really key moment for Oprah, myself, and Zak… for us to go, ‘Wow.’ It’s true, Oprah, in your career. It’s been true for me and I started the Invictus Games (for injured service members and veterans in 2014)…,” he continued.

“To be able to create something to watch other people heal is part of our own healing process, and I think that compassionate element of being able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and be able… to help in a healing process is absolutely critical.”

Zak previously revealed he battled addiction issues and depression after his father committed suicide, aged 63, while Harry recently opened up about working through his post-traumatic stress disorder with therapy, having gone through a period of hard partying, boozing and drug taking during his youth.

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