Rebel Wilson Reveals Which A-List Actor She Saw on Raya, an Invite-Only Dating App

Rebel Wilson is opening up about her dating life, including the dating apps she has been using to try and find a boyfriend.

The 40-year-old actress says that she is using Raya, which is an invite-only dating app that is known to be the place for celebs to match with other celebs. (See which celeb said she was denied an account on the app!)

Rebel revealed that she saw an A-list, Oscar-winning star while swiping on the app, though the one person she wants to find is Channing Tatum.

She said, “I hear Channing Tatum’s on there but he hasn’t come up on my feed yet so I’ll keep swiping!”

Want to know who Rebel actually DID see on the app?

Click inside to find out which star she saw…

She saw…


While appearing on Nova 96.9′s Fitzy & Wippa, co-host Sarah McGilvray said, “Can you give us some names Rebel? Who have you seen on it and who have you matched with?”

She replied, “Okay, Ben Affleck!”

You can listen to the audio of the interview below.

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