RHONY's First Black Cast Member Eboni Williams Shines In New Trailer – And Calls OG Ramona Singer Out!! WATCH!

Eboni Williams has finally made her Real Housewives of New York debut as the Big Apple’s first Black Housewife, and she’s already serving up some tasty drama!

Bravo dropped the teaser trailer for the upcoming 13th season of the hit reality show, which shows the lawyer and TV host getting into it with the multiple cast mates.

The clip (below) starts off showing the new castmate hitting it off with the other women — including Ramona Singer, Leah McSweeney, and Sonja Morgan — as Luann de Lesseps says:

“I like Eboni a lot.”

But things go south when cameras show Eboni later calling out Ramona after the 64-year-old refers to her house staff as “the help.” When Ramona mixes up the names of her employees, she says to herself:

“Ugh, I get my help wrong.”

Eboni overhears this comment and repeats it to Leah before confronting Ramona about it at the dinner table. She explains:

“The ‘help’ comment was a little triggering for me.”

To which Ramona shot back:

“Here’s to ‘hospitality assistance.’”


Later on, the two women sit down to talk things out, but things take a turn when Ramona accuses Eboni of “preaching” at her — to which the 37-year-old replies:

“That’s gaslighting.”

Ramona isn’t the only one Eboni’s making waves with. Elsewhere in the trailer, the franchise newbie says at a dinner party that she has “more education, frankly, than anyone at this table” — which enrages the Countess. Luann shouts:

“Don’t come into my house and tell me I don’t have an education.”

To which Eboni bites back:

“I can leave your house Lu!”

Ladies, play nice!

Thankfully, it looks like the pair eventually make up, as Eboni fires off a playful quip when Luann introduces her Hamptons trainer boyfriend Garth Wakeford to the group, saying:

“Oh, no wonder Luann is so f**king happy.”


Of course, the trailer offers much more fun and fights. Other highlights include the ladies taking a trip to Salem where a spooky séance goes down, Leah accusing someone of being a “Karen,” and a battle that gets so intense, production is called to step in.

Are you ready for this, y’all? Ch-ch-check out the trailer (below) and catch the new season of RHONY May 4 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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