Rod Stewart interrupts wife Penny Lancaster’s on-air moment ‘Am I going to survive this?’

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Sir Rod Stewart, 75, has been married to his wife Penny Lancaster, 47, since 2007. The former Strictly Come Dancing star opened up about undergoing back surgery before the Maggie May singer gatecrashed her interview.

Penny took part in the BBC show in 2007 and chatted with her former professional dance partner Ian Waite on Instagram for his Fitsteps show Waites Wednesday last week.

The model admitted she wasn’t sure if she would “survive” on the BBC show.

Her admission comes after Ian shared a photo from her performance on Strictly, where Penny was bent over backwards with her leg in the air.

Ian asked: “Do you remember this?” as he showed her the snap.


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She replied: “I do. How could I forget, especially with my back surgery. I was thinking, ‘Am I going to survive this?'”

Ian said: “It’s amazing that you did that step with your back.”

Penny then proceeded to turn towards the camera and replicate the same dance move with her leg raised in the air.

Ian chuckled: “There you go ladies and gentleman, the longest legs in the business.”

“I’ve still got those boots. I don’t know where they are, probably in the loft somewhere,” Penny explained.

As Ian gushed over the Loose Women star’s dance moves, Rod made an appearance on-screen.

Ian cheered: “Hey Rod! We’re just reminiscing,” as he showed him the shot of Penny’s sultry dance move.

“Oooh,” Rod commented before adding: “[Penny] dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.”

His wife then began to play with his hair, which has significantly grown since lockdown, as he blew a kiss to Ian and came off camera.

The former Strictly stars remincised over their sultry Samba performance on the show 13 years ago.

Penny took part in the fifth series of Strictly back in 2007 alongside her dance partner Ian.

The small-screen star made it to week six of the competition before being voted out of the show.

The Loose Women panellist also opened up about the moment Rod thought he’d “lost his wife” when she appeared on the BBC competition.

But the rockstar’s wife cheekily joked that her beau still got “jealous” about her spending so many hours with “another man”.

Penny said: “But he still got jealous. He was like, ‘I’ve lost my wife. She’s in the arms of another man. She’s spending five to six hours a day with another man’.”

“But of course he loved you [Ian] and he sends his best wishes,” she added.

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