Simon Cowell is Back to Riding Electric Bikes After Back Injury

Simon Cowell is getting back on the horse — or, more accurately, back on the bike … this after breaking his back on one of these damn things less than a year ago.

The ‘AGT’ host was spotted cruising along on another electric bicycle Sunday in Malibu with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, and his young son, Eric … who all had bikes of their own. Interestingly, though, it was only Simon who seemed to be using a motorized version.

You can tell it’s an electric bike by that little box stuck to the down tube of the frame — they help propel the bicycle forward with more acceleration as you pedal, giving you a boost.

The fact Simon’s once again riding one of these raises eyebrows at first glance. Of course, Simon practically shattered his spine on this exact type of model back in August … when he was testing out a new electric bike of his, in none other than the courtyard of his own home.

If he almost got paralyzed from just that setting … this one here — out in public, along a windy bike bath with other riders zipping by — is definitely a lot more dangerous, potentially. Still … it looks like he’s got the hang of it, but seeing this does make one worry a bit.

Simon went through a 6-hour emergency back surgery at the time … and has undergone intensive rehab since then to get back on his feet. Welp, now he’s back on his ass.

Be careful, SC!!!

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