'Storage Wars' Investigates Jarrod Schulz Dom. Violence Case, Show Future Up in Air

“Storage Wars” star Jarrod Schulz‘s days might be numbered on the popular reality TV series … it all depends on what the network determines after conducting its own investigation following his domestic violence charge.

TMZ broke the story … Schulz is accused of pushing his ex, Brandi Passante, during a heated argument in late April while she was hanging with friends in a bar. The Orange County D.A.’s Office hit him with 1 count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery for the alleged incident.

Sources close to “Storage Wars” production tell us … A&E found out about Jarrod getting charged when our story broke, and immediately launched a probe to gather information and speak to those involved.

We’re told the network is currently investigating, and though Schulz happened to be off this week’s filming schedule … it’s not expected he’ll return to shoot segments until A&E concludes its review.

Our sources say once that happens, a decision will be made about his future with the show. We’ve spoken to multiple other main cast members who say if the allegations of domestic violence are true … they don’t believe he should return.

We’re also told the cast has been uneasy with the situation between Jarrod and Brandi, long before the recent allegations.

Given the fact they split over 2 years ago, and some have described their relationship as “messy” — many connected to the show think this should be the tipping point for the network to cut ties.

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