Stormi Doing the Fruit Snack Challenge Is the Cutest Thing I've Ever Watched

Good morning, Kylie Jenner is out here blessing everyone’s feed with the single cutest video of her daughter Stormi e-v-e-r. Like truly, please take a moment to prepare yourself because your eyes are about to morph into hearts.

Kyle hit Instagram to share footage of Stormi doing the Fruit Snack Challenge, which basically involves placing a bowl of fruit snacks in front of a kid and telling them to wait a beat while you leave the room. In this case, Kylie appears to have swapped fruit snacks for chocolate candy, but whatever, same-same.

First of all, Stormi waited SO PATIENTLY for her candy and did not sneak any pieces while her mom was “in the bathroom.” But she also started singing “patience, patience” to herself, which caused what was left of my cold heart to immediately melt.

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Obviously, no one can deal with this level of cuteness and Twitter is basically beside itself:

me when Stormi said to herself “patience patience”

Stormi singing “patience, patience” in that video

kylie did the challenge with stormi and i don’t know if i heard wrong but stormi started saying “patience patience” PLS SHE IS THE CUTEST

Petition to have every small member of the Kardashian family do this challenge, I need something positive in my life right now other than my fridge full of cheese.

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