The changing face of Kim Kardashian

Keeping up with the many faces of Kim Kardashian: All eyes were on the reality star during her trip to Europe, we take a look at her ever-changing looks

She has been in the spotlight once again this week thanks to a whirlwind trip to Europe where she stopped off at hotspots including the London Eye, while also shopping at Selfridges and enjoying football matches in the UK and Paris.

Kim Kardashian was spotted in the crowds cheering on Arsenal in London, before attending Paris Saint Germain while they played Rennes at their home stadium in the capital city with her sister Kendall Jenner, 27.

The business mogul, 42, revealed that her unexpected football pilgrimage was for her eldest son Saint, seven, who is a massive sports fan and has a particular love of English football club, Arsenal.

While the trip was for her son, Kim of course still pulled out all of the stops when it came to her looks and her always glamorous appearance, with all eyes on the star as she made her unlikely public appearances.

Much debate has been made of Kim’s changing look over the years, and Kim’s latest trip was no different as fans noted her ever-altering face.

Kim Kardashian was spotted in the crowds cheering on Arsenal in London, before attending Paris Saint Germain while they played Rennes at their home stadium in the capital city with her sister Kendall Jenner, 27

Kim Kardashian, pictured in 2006 and 2022,  is famous for her flawless appearance, with many fans claiming her looks have been maintained with secret cosmetic procedures over the years

The reality star, pictured in 2006 (left), 2017 (center) and 2022 (right), is arguably best known for her perfect hourglass curves, but the beauty has had a transformation over the years and recently started displaying a more svelte figure

Kim has long insisted that her ‘shapeshifter’ abilities are nothing more than the result of regular sessions with a dermatologist and ‘a little’ Botox… but her ever-changing appearance over the years has always been a topic of fierce debate.

Despite vehemently denying for years that she has ever gone under the knife, Kim, has faced serious scrutiny from experts and amateurs alike over her transforming face and body – with many claiming that surgery is the only answer.

From undergoing laser treatments to eliminating carbs and sugars from her diet, Kim is known to take drastic measures to maintain her dramatically slimmed down frame and flawlessly sculpted facial features.

However, the Skims mogul has been unable to shake claims that she may have had a little extra help over the years to achieve her famous look.

Indeed, July 2022 saw Kim claim that she’s never had fillers and has only gotten ‘a little bit of Botox’ over the years. 

But she was immediately accused of ‘gaslighting’ fans as the world continues to weigh in on the star’s distinctive looks.

Meanwhile, the star’s figure has also been a subject of debate after her family’s famous curves were credited with the rise in popularity for Brazilian butt lift procedures.

Now, her shrinking frame over the past year has led to a new weight loss trend after rumours the star used a pioneering obesity drug to shift the pounds.

European getaway: Kim showed off her incredibly smooth visage on the trip

Experts say the star’s sculpted facial features and plump pout could be the result of more than just ‘a little Botox’

Kim famously got Botox for the first time on Season 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (pictured in 2023)

The reality star, pictured left in 2006 and right in 2019, has also admitted to lasering the baby hairs off of her forehead to re-sculpt her hairline

Kim, pictured in 2023, openly experimented with having stretchmarks zapped off her cleavage in another episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians


While Kim is constantly denying plastic surgery accusations, the mother-of-four has been open about some of the cosmetic procedures she has tried.

She famously got Botox for the first time on Season 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and she also admitted to lasering the baby hairs off of her forehead to re-sculpt her hairline.

Speaking of laser treatments, Kim openly experimented with having stretchmarks zapped off her cleavage in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

In December 2022, the reality star told Gwyneth Paltrow that she has tried multiple non-invasive procedures while on the hunt for perfect skin.

‘I thought that I have learned so much in my journey and I have had the best facialists, the best aesthetician, tried every laser,’ said the ex-wife of Kanye West.

‘I’ve tried everything … and I wanted to bottle that up and take everything that I’ve learned and work with my favorite aesthetician… and develop products that are the next level.’ 

In a recent interview, Kim (pictured in 2008) claimed she has ‘tried everything’ when it comes to skincare including ‘best facialists, the best aesthetician, tried every laser’

Kim told fans that one of her favorite new beauty secrets is getting a $1400 laser and light facial combination

As one of the most famous faces in the world, every perceived change in the star’s look has come under constant scrutiny (pictured in 2010 and 2014)

Elsewhere, Kim often visits the office of California-based cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Simon Ourian. A former sculptor, Dr. Ourian has the creative tools and vision to create walking works of art.

From performing a non-surgical nose job to contouring the jawline and cheeks, Dr. Ourian – whose clientele includes the Kardashian-Jenner family, models, actors, musicians, and many of the world’s royalty – can do just about any beautifying procedure without a scalpel.

According to Dr. Ourian, non-surgical procedures are becoming a lot more advantageous because they offer similar results to surgery but with a safer outcome.

A few of the most requested procedures at his Beverly Hills practice located on 444 N Camden Drive, are cheekbone filler and lip augmentation, as well as facial and body contouring.  

Dr. Ourian explains that there are three facial features that seem to be universally considered beautiful: symmetry, proportion, and healthy skin.

According to the dermatologist, Kim’s face is very symmetrical, with the left and right sides looking almost identical.

‘Her face is also very proportional, and all her individual facial features are very proportional to each other.

‘There’s nothing that you look at that you think is too big or too small, and she has learned how to maintain and take care of it better than anyone else.

‘She has a very clean vision of how a person should look. She takes care of her face.

Kim’s appearance has changed subtly over the years, and fans believe her nose looked different in 2007 

In 2006, she had a bump on her nose (slide right), but the bump appears to be gone in 2012 (slide left)

Kim, pictured left in 2006 and right in 2018, admitted the ‘bump’ on her nose looks bigger in some pictures compared to others but says it’s all down to makeup contouring


Although she has long been accused of having a nose job, Kim denied the rumors again while getting her makeup done by Mario Dedivanovic at a Master Class.

‘I never had my nose done,’ she said. ‘Everyone thought I did, and I said, “Wait until I have kids because your real features come out.”‘

She later attempted to clarify her rather perplexing explanation by tweeting: ‘I said you will see when I have kids, they will have the same nose as me.’

Mario explained that Kim has a ‘small bump on her nose,’ but he uses a contouring technique to hide it.

While she strongly denies ever having a nose job, she agrees with her fans that her face does look different.

‘Pictures, I swear, I look at them and would be like, “Wow, the bump looks so much bigger in some pictures than in others,”‘ she said.

Kim has denied having rhinoplasty for years, spanning back to a 2010 Nightline interview in which she addressed rumors that she has had a nose job.

‘I’ve never had my nose done. But what’s funny is about my nose, it’s my biggest insecurity. I always want to get my nose done,’ she said.

‘I had them take the pictures, he showed me what it would look like, and it just didn’t . . . I wouldn’t look the same,’ she added.

Six years later, she spoke about the appearance of her nose in a 2016 interview with Wonderland magazine.

‘People think I’ve had my nose done. I haven’t. It does look smaller. Maybe it’s the contour I use,’ she said.

The star, whose father was Armenian, added, ‘I used to hate this bump on my nose, she said. ‘Hated it. Now I love that it makes me look more ethnic.’

In an interview with Allure in July 2022, Kim once again claimed that she’d never had fillers and has only gotten ‘a little bit of Botox’ over the years.

‘No filler. Never filled either one, ever,’ she stated. She event went as far as to say that she’s ‘never done anything’ to her face.

Once the interview was published, Kim received major backlash online with many fans accusing her of ‘gaslighting.’

The star often shares throwback images from before fame hit and she invested in her skin, which often stirs up debate

In this 2018 Kim Kardashian West beauty ad, the star seemed to a perfectly straight nose

Kim and her sister Khloe have made public visits to the office. ‘I thought that I have learned so much in my journey and I have had the best facialists, the best aesthetician, tried every laser,’ said the ex-wife of Kanye West. Seen with Khloe and Dr Ghavami


Dr. Darren M. Smith, a plastic surgeon in New York City who has not treated Kim, told that there are several explanations as to why the appearance of her nose has changed over time – and noted that a nose job could well be responsible for her ‘more refined’ look.

‘A rhinoplasty (nose job) would explain the more refined appearance of her nose that we’ve been seeing recently,’ he said. ‘However, the changes to her nose, while significant, are not that dramatic.’

Dr. Smith explained that these changes can be achieved with makeup, lighting, or even ‘liquid rhinoplasty,’ which involves using fillers to change the shape of the nose.

‘Her nose’s consistent appearance, however, does make a permanent change like surgery seem more likely,’ he noted.

Dr. David Cangello, another plastic surgeon based in New York City, agreed it’s possible that Kim’s ever-changing nose is the result of contouring.

‘I don’t think she had a rhinoplasty,’ he told, noting that her nose was ‘relatively small and nicely shaped’ as far back as 2008.

‘Since then, it doesn’t appear as though the nose has changed much,’ he added. ‘I do agree that in some pictures it looks like she has more definition to the bridge of the nose, which makes one wonder if she had a procedure.’

‘What I think is more likely is that the added definition is due to either makeup contouring or photo lighting/alteration.’

Dr. Cangello noted that dermal fillers can also be used to add projection and definition to the nose, but it’s not something he recommends to his patients at Cangello Plastic Surgery.

‘They are not a good long term solution for this because over time they make the nose look wider and the skin looks thicker,’ he explained. ‘Fillers to the nose really are only good for fixing minor contour irregularities of the nose.

‘So I think that if Kim had been adding fillers to her nose for any lengthy period of time, she would not have the nice definition to the bridge of her nose that she has in some photos.’ 

Back in 2013, leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Roberto Viel of the London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery, believes Kim has more done than she’s letting on.

‘In my opinion Kim Kardashian has had a number of smaller procedures,’ he revealed. ‘It appears she has had a few facial peels and resurfacing treatments, reducing pore size, and improving collagen production and skin condition.

‘Platelet Rejuvenation Therapy is one such treatment that we know she is an advocate of and that would result in these effects.

‘Kim also appears to have had filler to the apples of the cheek, giving a lifted, more youthful appearance to the face. Lastly I feel Kim has had rhinoplasty [nose job].’

And Dr. Anthony Erian, a facial rejuvenation surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty agrees, telling that her surgeon has done an impressive job.

‘The nose is a very important facial feature and it can transform the face,’ said Dr Erian. ‘Although this operation is anatomically straightforward, it requires the most meticulous of surgical skills, and the aesthetic anticipation and perception of an artist, in order to form a “new nose” that will blend in and harmonize with the whole face.

‘This, in my opinion, has been performed here, and the result is good.’

A 2016 image series by Saint Hoax shows celebrities such as Kim posing alongside their younger selves to show just how they have weathered the years

Another image edit the following year again highlighted Kim’s changing looks over the years

In 2016, Instagram artist Saint Hoax went viral with a series of expertly edited images which showed stars including Kim posing alongside their younger selves.

The image highlighted just how much the faces and bodies of some of the country’s best known celebrities have changed in a matter of just a few years.

The illustrator, who is described on Instagram as a ‘Politically incorrect artist / sociopolitical activist,’ even alluded to why Kim’s changes may be in a caption which read: ‘When you run into someone wearing your old nose.’ 

The year before that, the Instagram artist shared short clips featuring a doctor’s gloved hands and a syringe in the bottom right-hand corner, once again suggesting the KKW Beauty founder has had multiple plastic surgery procedures.

The video begins with a shot of Kim when she first entered the Hollywood scene as Paris Hilton’s assistant in the mid-2000.

As the clip progresses, Kim’s lips become larger, her eyes and nose take on a different shape and her hair goes from curly to straight.

‘Maybe she’s born with it… Maybe it’s a bit more than “contouring”,’ the artist wrote underneath the video. 

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