The Helmet Coming Off In The Mandalorian<\/em> Proves Din Will Do Anything to Save Baby Yoda

The following story contains spoilers for The Mandalorian‘s Chapter 15, “The Believer.”

Throughout its 15 chapters so far, The Mandalorian has introduced a lot of characters. A lot of cool, exciting, and fun characters too. But for all the fun we have with Frog Lady, or Ahsoka Tano, or Boba Fett, or whoever, The Mandalorian is always going to be about two people: our titular Mandalorian, Din Djarin, and the artist formerly known as Baby Yoda (now known as Grogu).

“The Believer” marked the first episode of The Mandalorian to be completely Grogu-free, and while it was an exciting episode with good performances and action, the little guy’s absence was felt. And that’s the whole point—as much as The Mandalorian has been a reluctant tough guy, he’s become a father to Baby Yoda; and he was feeling it just as much as we were.

A week ago, at the beginning of “The Tragedy,” viewers heard Mando laugh for the first time as he played with a little ball and saw Baby Yoda use his force abilities. Mando is a pretty serious guy—he can be sarcastic and snarky, but this was the first time we’ve ever heard him laugh. So while we knew Moff Gideon was after Grogu for a while, him actually succeeding in his plan by the end of the episode really hurt.

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