The Pretenders Singer Finds Out She’s Mean and Obnoxious During Covid-19 Lockdown

Chrissie Hynde spends her days at home during the coronavirus lockdown reflecting on her past actions and finally realizes she’s not a very nice person.

AceShowbizChrissie Hynde has been forced to realise she’s “not a very nice person” while self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Pretenders star has been using her time on lockdown in the U.K. to reflect on her past actions, and now she is detailing what she has learned about herself in a lengthy post on Twitter.

Hynde recalled a “well-meaning friend” sent her a story about a time she “berated an autograph hunter on the street.”

“My friend obviously does not know how much I agonize after events like that,” the “Brass in Pocket” singer wrote. “But I’m not a very nice person and I know it. So sue me.”

She added, “to the guy in Australia 12 years ago who I shouted at saying, ‘Haven’t I done enough already!’ My problem is I got famous 10 years after I’d left home, so I’d already formed my defensive, obnoxious street persona, and I couldn’t change it when fame demanded I be a nice person to strangers who were bugging me.”

But the musician has also come to appreciate the privileges she has been afforded as Covid-19 continues to sweep the globe.

“I imagine everyone out there, like me, is in lockdown,” Hynde added. “Pretty grim, huh? I live on my own in a flat in London with no garden – just a little balcony looking into a car park. But I am sooooooo glad to have a place with hot water and a bed. And I am glad to be in the thick of it with my fellow man. I see people older than myself walking past on their walking sticks and I think, ‘God bless you, bro.’ “

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