The View Co-Hosts Sound Off On Hollywood’s Treatment Of Women

The cohosts of The View have a lot to say about Hollywood’s inclusion of aging women in film and TV following Angelina Jolie’s latest role in the action thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead.” The women sounded off in response to a May 15 article by The Atlantic claiming Jolie did less butt-kicking in the film than her younger costars on account of her age. “While other characters fight and show off their survival skills, Jolie spends most of her screen time hiking or crouching in the shadows with her pint-size companion,” the article claimed. “It’s a letdown to see Jolie limited by the thin role, and to see the film continue a Hollywood trend of diminishing her, and other older female action performers’, potential in the genre.”

Sparking a hot debate about ageism in film, Sarah Haines said she noticed the issue first hand. “The second I became a mom the stories I was pitched and the things I was offered to do went from fun … to becoming mom stories,” she said on the May 18 episode of the show. Adding that she felt as though the industry was telling her, “‘we need to keep her safely on a couch protected from the world,'” some of her cohosts admitted they didn’t see it that way.

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