These Tweets & Memes About iOS 14 Release Day All Make The Same Joke

Amidst the disappointing announcement that Apple is likely pushing back the release of new iPhones this fall, fans of the tech giant received a consolation prize during the company’s fall event on Tuesday, Sept. 15, when Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that iOS 14 would roll out on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Fans were excited about the release and started refreshing their phones at the time they thought it would be released on Wednesday, but these tweets and memes about iOS 14 release day show it seems to be taking a little longer than they people had hoped. But fans seem to be having a little fun with it, joking about Apple devotees staying glued to their phones until the update arrives.

The rollout of Apple’s latest operating system, which Apple first announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 22, has been a long time coming. After launching a beta version of iOS 14 this past summer, the tech company told customers that they could expect the highly-anticipated update to launch on Sept. 16. The new operating system will come with a handful of cool features like the ability to pin text conversation from people you text the most at the top of your Messages, cycling directions in Apple Maps, group mentions and inline replies while texting, new Memoji features, and differently-sized widgets.

Considering iOS updates are usually released around 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, many Apple fans were left disappointed when iOS 14 was nowhere in sight at that time. Elite Daily previously reached out to Apple to confirm the release time, but did not hear back.

While people were worrying about Apple dropping the ball on its iOS 14 release, the company’s support team assured one customer that it was still dropping on Sept. 16 as promised.

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