This Morning’s Holly Willoughby reveals her trick to predict gender of baby and says she never gets it wrong

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This Morning host Holly Willoughby has revealed the surefire way to predict the gender of an unborn baby.

Holly and Phil celebrated the birth of show producer Sarah Mott's new baby at the beginning of the show on Wednesday when Holly chimed in that she had continued her "100% success rate" in guessing the sex of her baby.

"We are pleased to say that Jacob's arrival has kept my record of predicting the gender of team's babies at one hundred per cent!" the 40 year old gushed.

Holly, who shares children Harry, 11, Belle, nine, and six-year-old Chester with husband Dan Baldwin, added: "I was right again! All in the hands."

A bemused Phil quipped: "You did it again!"

Happy to unveil her trick, Holly said: "If you are at home, and you're pregnant, and thinking, 'I want to know how to do this', use the shape of your hand."

Turning to her side and resting her hand on her stomach, she continued: "If it dips into that exact same thing on the side, it's a boy, if it goes out, even just a tiny bit, it's a girl.

"Let me know if that works at home for you!"

An impressed Phil added: "Well, you are 100%! You've been doing it for years.

It comes after a recent episode of This Morning when Holly offered insight into the "annoying" thing her TV producer husband Dan, 46, does when she's on Zoom calls.

She recalled their time in lockdown where her husband would constantly pull the same prank, as she said: "I would come back from work and he'd knock on the door and I'd go 'oh sorry' and open the door and he'd pass in a glass of wine no matter what time of day it was."

Holly continued to detail her husband's antics where he would jokingly trick the person on the other end of her Zoom call into thinking Holly had been day-drinking.

She added: "So, I would then have it and look back at the screen and be like 'sorry he does this all the time' and he'd go 'no, I don't, you asked for it'."

Holly added: "It was so annoying, he did it every time, no matter who I was talking to."

This comes after Holly revealed to her fans on Instagram that she is working on her book "Reflections".

The presenter described the book as her "thoughts and musings [on] inner and outer beauty [and how] true beauty comes from within."

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