'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe & Wife Arrested for DUI in Oklahoma

Jeff Lowe is continuing to take legal lumps — the current owner of Joe Exotic‘s onetime ‘Tiger King’ zoo was behind bars to kick off his weekend … this after a DUI bust.

Lowe and his wife, Lauren, were both arrested early Saturday morning in Oklahoma County for driving under the influence … and it looks like Jeff might’ve been the one behind the wheel, because the Sheriff’s Office also booked him on a changing lanes improperly charge.

Since it appears Jeff was driving it’s unclear why Lauren was also arrested for DUI.

The Lowes were brought to jail around 4 AM … and they posed for these mugs while getting processed. We weren’t quite sure that was Jeff at first without his signature bandana/cap combo — but yep, that’s him alright. Last we checked, they were still in custody.

The details of the arrest/alleged incident haven’t surfaced yet — but in any case, it’s the latest hit Jeff and co. have taken when it comes to Johnny Law … both on the state and federal level.

As you might recall … he had a couple run-ins with law enforcement earlier in the month of May, as they steadily confiscated dozens of his big cats and other animals that he had at his zoo … which the feds claim weren’t being properly cared for or, in some cases, were malnourished, allegedly violating federal guidelines.

So, yeah … the dude’s had it rough lately, and this is just the most recent ding.

Fans of the former zoo owner might be rubbing their hands together in glee watching Jeff’s proverbial fall from grace right now — as some believe he did Joe dirty and helped land him in prison … where JE currently remains as he continues to try and fight for his release.

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