TikTok Star Addison Rae Smooches Bryce Hall In Couples Costume – Before Clapping Back Over Relationship Accusations!

Braddison is BACK, y’all!!

To the dismay of some fans and the delight of others, TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have seemingly made amends and gotten together once more following their split in August.

On Halloween night, they dressed together as DC Comics‘ Harley Quinn and the Joker, another on-again, off-again couple, and of course documented it all via TikTok. Take a look for yourself (below):

Plus, they each posted super cozy pics together on Instagram:


Once their filming was out of the way, the pair headed to Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles with friends for dinner, where they were spotted sharing a kiss in the back alley before heading out:

But even though the photos and videos made it all pretty clear for us, Addison hinted at there being more going on behind the scenes. On Sunday night, the Louisiana-born starlet tweeted out:

“remember, the internet only allows u to see and know what is posted on it!!! u could be missing a lot of information, so always keep that in mind when forming an opinion on someone u don’t know”

Um… whut?? Like, we shouldn’t read into photos of y’all half out of costume and making out in a bathroom? Yeah, wouldn’t want to jump the gun on that one.

According to a comment on the ‘gram made by Addison, her message on Twitter is about more than just romantic relationships:

“This is referring to my friendships, relationships, and everyone & theirs too! Just remember we’re human, don’t guilt others in making a decision for their life that you wish they would. We really should all be nicer. I don’t understand how people allow their hearts and minds to go to evil and dark places to the point where they can hate/degrade someone they don’t truly know.”

Ah, OK! So gurl is probably responding to the many online critics who think she shouldn’t get back with Bryce after his disturbing display last month in which he fought a restaurant server who told him he couldn’t vape there.

Or maybe it’s the critics who think he shouldn’t get back with her because of her anti-Black Lives Matter post??

Maybe they both can do better…

In any case, on Monday the couple further confirmed things were definitely back on via MORE videos on TikTok, including one where they recreated a dance from the early days of their romance:

We’ll see how things continue to play out between them in the coming days and weeks… because TBH who knows if they’ll make it a few months at this rate!

Are U invested in the highs and lows of Braddison, Perezcious readers?! Let us know your thoughts (below) in the comments.

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