Top 10 sweaty moves from Joe Wicks’ YouTube workout series so far

Feeling like something is missing today without Joe Wicks there to whip you and the kids into gear at 9am with his PE with Joe YouTube series?

Since Monday’s first class, millions have caught up on the half-hour sessions, with 4.7million viewing the first class so far.

As networks such as Channel 4 and BBC approach Joe to stream his workouts on their channel, he’s been dubbed the ‘Vera Lynn of the nation’ for how his videos have brought welcome respite from the anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However with the sweat sesh Monday-Friday we can only assume there is an itch you cannot scratch without a fresh clip from The Body Coach.

While we unfortunately cannot conjure a fresh workout from Joe ourselves, we thought we’d put together 10 moves Joe has been teaching us over the past five days to tide us over until he graces us with his presence once more.

From star jumps to your good ol’ fashioned plank, Joe’s moves run the whole gamut of bodyweight exercises and HIIT cardio.

Joe always starts his exercises with a five minute warm-up before he takes us through a series of various moves in 10 minute blocks, with a two-minute rest in between.

Each of Joe’s moves are to be done for 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest in between.

Oh yeah, that’s the high intensity spirit.

From Monday’s video:

Star jumps

This is the classic schoolyard move that we’ve kept into adulthood.

To master this, you start standing with your arms by your side and then jump the legs out to the side, as your arms move up.

Yes, so you look like a star.

Bring both legs and arms back to starting position and immediately do that move again. For 30 seconds.

Mountain Climbers

Feel the burn with Joe’s mountain climbers by starting in a plank position on the floor, on your hands.

Bring your right knee under you in the direction of your left hand, and put it back on the floor. Do the same with your left, up to your right hand. Continue this move at a fast pace, almost like you’re, er, climbing a mountain.

From Tuesday’s video:

Hook Punches

A workout for the arms and torso, Joe had us mastering our best hook punches while giving the whole body a bit of a workout at the same time.

As he explained it, ‘twist your arm up, pivot your back foot and pivot your front foot.’

Classic plank

You can’t go wrong with a classic plank, done on your feet or knees.

Just make sure you’re stiff as a board with your abs pulled in and your back nice and straight.

From Wednesday’s video:


For this one Joe explains you basically lunge while shooting your arm forward like you’re Peter Parker shooting his web.

You quickly switch from one leg to the other, shooting your web the same time.

Spin that web! Only thing that’s missing is silly string…

Bouncing bunnies

Only Joe Wicks could come up with a workout move so utterly adorable and dubbed bouncing bunnies.

For this one, you want to place your hands on your head like you’ve got a pair of bunnies ears and then jump with both feet like you’re hopping along.

Go the full length of the room, in a straight line, as long as you can go, before turning around and going the other way for 30 seconds.

From Thursday’s video:

Up-down plank

A slightly-harder plank that really works the arms, get down on the ground in a plank position and go down to your elbows, then up to your hands, back down to elbows and repeat for 30 seconds.



Another brilliantly-named exercise for the kids, for this one Joe gets into a ball, charges up and then explodes by jumping into the air.

From Friday’s video:

Bicycle crunch

For this one you want to lift one elbow to your opposite knee, yes, like you’re riding a bicycle, then do the same on the other side. Repeat.

Duck walks

Easy done – get down low and walk like a duck along the length of the loungeroom.

Or, not so easy done when you feel the burn.

Joe’s PE with Joe returns to YouTube 9am on Monday.

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