Tyler, The Creator, A$AP Rocky Troll Each Other In Hilarious Live Chat

Longtime friends and collaborators, Tyler, The Creator and A$ASP Rocky recently took to Instagram Live to entertain their audience and keep themselves occupied during their life under quarantine.

However, what started out as a genuine effort to connect with each other turned into a hilarious, barely 2-minute disaster.

After Tyler failed to add Rocky to his livestream, the latter hosted a livestream of his own, to which Tyler arrived fashionably late and immediately proceeded to show off his outfit in the mirror.

“yo, bro, chill out, bro…it ain’t even been a minute yet and you’re already going crazy,” Rocky said of Tyler’s antics, at which the “Mr. Lonely” rapper started pushing Rocky to show him his outfit as well; “watchu wearing?” he repeated more than a few times.

After getting him to calm down for a second, Rocky enquired about the teaser that Tyler had put up on Instagram, in which he previewed a new piece of music that he has been working on.

“Matter of fact, I saw on your ‘gram, you been working on some new s-t, let’s hear it,” the rapper said, to which Tyler responded, “i’ll play something if you show me what you’re wearing,” at which point Rocky had had enough of his trolling, and ended the livestream, with Tyler shouting “No, no, no, no, no, no” in protest.

The entire drama is available for watching via a recording made by a fan on Twitter with the handle “Odd Future Fans.”

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