Vicky Pattison admits ‘punishing’ herself for not being size six in body confidence post

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Vicky Pattison has admitted to "punishing" herself for not being a size six and opened up about her struggle with building body confidence in a frank, new Instagram post.

The former Geordie Shore star shared two photos side by side, both of which show her in a black crop top bra and underwear. Alongside the snaps, I’m A Celerity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner Vicky, 33, said she hated her body “for years”.

Vicky wrote: “Not a ‘after’ or a ‘before’ pic… The same girl, the same body and the EXACT SAME SENSE OF SELF WORTH!

“We are often bombarded with unrealistic images of perfection- through various social media platforms, magazines and tv and subsequently- because ‘perfect’ has now been normalised we aren’t interested in ‘normal.’ Normal seems inadequate. We hate our lumps, our bumps, our cellulite and all our so called ‘flaws.’”

The star continued: “For years, I have HATED my body. Punished myself for not being a size 6, stared into countless mirrors pulling myself apart and zoning in on my every ‘imperfection’.

"I weaponised exercise and beat myself up for every gained pound and every bit of cellulite.”

Vicky went on to tell her fans that since she has got older, she’s realised that “all bodies are beautiful” and that we all deserve “respect and adoration.”

She added: “ I have come to realise that ALL bodies are beautiful and deserving of our respect and adoration.

"Our worth as women is not defined by our waist size and we need to stop letting our minds bully our body.

"By speaking of ourselves in a positive and affirmative fashion we begin to eradicate self hate and in its place build a sense of self love and compassion.”

The star continued: “I can’t get back all of those years of hating my body- but I can go forward with a heart full of kindness and understanding.

"And If I can help even one young woman understand that all Instagram and social media is filled with fake and filtered images that do nothing but exacerbate our feelings of inferiority and insecurity- then I will consider that a win."

Vicky went on to encourage her fans to embrace their “normal bodies.”

She explained: “Ladies, do something completely rebellious today- in a world full of good angles and editing apps- completely embrace your ‘normal’ body!

"Celebrate it, love it, show it off proudly and be unapologetically YOU- because loving yourself is the greatest revolution.”

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