Watch Andrew Garfield HYSTERICALLY React To Thirst Tweets About Him!

Y’all, Andrew Garfield fans are wild in the best way possible!!

The Spiderman star sat down with BuzzFeed on Wednesday to read some of the best thirst tweets about him on the internet, and his reactions were priceless!! Not only did he contemplate the sexiness of The Octopus Teacher (for a ridiculously long time), but the humble 37-year-old had to read things like:

“Andrew Garfield’s spandex clad buttocks should be legally obliged to appear in all superhero movies from now on.”

“Yes, the rumors are true. I am a slut for Andrew Garfield.”

“Can we talk about how gorgeous Andrew Garfield is for a sec? Like, that man is f**king beautiful. I’d let him eat crackers in bed.”

Oh and this tweet really had the actor dying:

“i want Andrew Garfield to smash a laptop on my tits”

As Garfield says himself, reading the comments was “a journey.” LMFAO. Watch the full vid for yourself (below)!

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