Watch Justin Timberlake's Tiniest Fans Interview Him, and Enjoy Their Purely Precious Questions

Justin Timberlake has fans of all ages: grandparents, adults, teens, and, yes, kids under the age of five. The “Don’t Slack” singer recently sat down while social distancing at his Montana home to answer a few questions from his younger audience; specifically those who are excited for Trolls: World Tour. He fielded all sorts of inquiries during this adorable People TV Q&A, like “How do you learn to beat box?” and “What was your favorite toy when you were little?”

Justin has plenty of practice with this age group since he and Jessica Biel are pround parents to 4-year-old Silas. A couple of the kids wanted to know who Silas’s favorite Trolls character is and what they do together for fun. Spoiler: it sounds like Silas has inherited his dad’s talent for dancing. Watch the full video above to see all the cuteness go down. I’m personally obsessed with the question about Justin’s curly hair.

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