Watch Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, & More Celebs React To FaceTime Prank

We’re a little busy right now, can we call you back?

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino and singer Justine Skye had a little fun this week participating in the TikTok #ImBusyRightNow challenge. Haven’t heard of it? Well, the next time you get a FaceTime request with the caller immediately answering with, “Can I call you back? I’m busy” — consider yourself pranked. And/or very, very confused.

Vinny and Justine pranked a TON of familiar faces, too, which made this whole thing SO MUCH FUN (lolz). Back on January 31, Vinny took to TikTok and posted recordings from many of his former Jersey Shore frandz answering his FT call. Some of these people included the likes of Snooki, Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley, and Pauly D. Oh, and the reactions were INSANE. Farley called him an ass — and Pauly D was completely confused. Yeah, typical Pauly!

Definitely the funniest reaction — by far — was Snooki. Not only did she answer with a glass of wine in her hand, but she demanded to know what Vinny wanted!! HAHA. YES! See, Snooki GETS it! Nobody pulls one by her.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro on the other hand? Yeah, he fell for it. And seemed to legitimately believe he’d been the one to initiate the call. Poor guy. Poor, poor guy

Ch-ch-check out Vinny’s pranks BELOW!

While Vinny called up some of his old friends, Justine took a different approach. She hit up some bigger names including Kendall Jenner, Jamie Foxx, Timbaland, and even Hailey Bieber. While Timbaland, like Pauly D, seemed to believe he’d been the one to initiate the call… Jamie Foxx TOTALLY called Justine’s bluff. And then the BAFTA winner even seemed amused by the whole thing! Now that is a stand up person!

Kendall — who we’d like to note answered her FaceTime while IN THE BATHTUB — answered by saying:

“What? You just called me!”


And Hailey was TOTES suspicious with:

“Is this, like, a thing?”

But OMG you guys — both of these were SO much fun, and we’re just happy to see some harmless pranks happening in the digital world. Come on, who doesn’t love a little fun like this? And it’s crazy how you can see each celeb’s unique personality shining through in the way they handle this surprise, too.

Watch the entire clip of recordings that Justine did here:

But here’s the real question: after you’ve watched the clips, which celeb reaction is YOUR favorite?!

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