When Will ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 6 Be On Netflix? Fans Need Answers ASAP

The final season of Schitt’s Creek has already finished airing, but if you’re one of the many fans who like to wait to marathon whole seasons of the offbeat sitcom when it comes to Netflix, then you’ve been practicing some major restraint. The Rose family’s last hoorah aired in full on Pop TV at the beginning of 2020, wrapping up the dysfunctional family’s story at the beginning of April. But there are still a ton of fans who haven’t seen how the show ends yet. So, when will Schitt’s Creek Season 6 be on Netflix? Get ready for the best October ever.

The sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek premiered on its home Canadian network CBC and on its international network Pop TV on Tuesday, Jan. 7. As teased earlier by the Season 6 trailer, the premiere episode set up a season that revolved largely around David and Patrick’s wedding and Alexis’ long-distance relationship with Ted. Given how past seasons of the show have proven just how adeptly the sitcom can balance laugh-out-loud hijinks with tear-jerkingly heartfelt moments, fans who still haven’t seen the final season can expect it to be a true emotional rollercoaster.

Although Schitt’s Creek has grown to become one of the internet’s favorite shows by this point, it had much humbler beginnings back when it debuted in 2015. Since it was only available on the then-fledgling Pop TV for U.S. audiences, it’s no wonder fans had trouble discovering it. That all changed when Netflix acquired the streaming rights to the series in January 2017 and introduced the Rose family to a much wider audience.

Now, a large portion of the Schitt’s Creek fanbase watches the series exclusively on Netflix, so the wait for the final season to make its way to the streamer has been intense for many. Co-creator and star Levy confirmed during a July episode of Hot Ones the final season is slated to hit Netflix in October. Then in September, shortly after the series swept the 2020 Emmys, Netflix announced a specific premiere date for Schitt’s Creek Season 6: Oct. 7. This lines up with the timelines of when past seasons of the show have appeared on Netflix, as previous seasons have become available to stream in the same month.

But diehard fans who want to catch up with the Roses right away don’t have to wait until fall to see Season 6. You can watch all of Schitt’s Creek‘s final season on Pop TV with a cable login right now. If you don’t have cable, though, then you just have to wait until Oct. 7 to marathon your way through the farewell season.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated to reflect the specific date Schitt’s Creek will be on Netflix.

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