Why in the world are so many Karens bitter about Archie’s birthday video?

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I’m so happy that we got this video with Meghan and Archie, filmed by Prince Harry. It’s so joyful! People kept laughing throughout the day about Archie picking up a new book, tossing it to the floor and all of the general baby shenanigans. Like, I want to believe that 99% of us were like “how cute,” but there was that 1%. Those people complained about all kinds of things. But here’s what I kept thinking about… they weren’t filming that video live, you know? Who’s to say they didn’t try a few different “takes” and this was merely the funniest one? Who knows? What I do know is that Meghan and Harry are completely comfortable showing their authentic “just like us” selves, completely with a chonky baby who chews on books. So how did Mr. Archie celebrate his birthday in LA?

Archie’s first birthday is also his first Zoom birthday — and it will be a messy one! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are marking their son’s milestone on Wednesday in their new L.A. home with a traditional “smash cake” — no fork needed! — and remote celebrations amid the ongoing social isolation guidelines.

“They are celebrating as a family focused on Archie and being together,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They’ll have a smash cake and Zooms with family and friends. It’s been beautiful weather, so perhaps a family stroll with the dogs.”

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For those who don’t know, a smash cake is just a small cake meant for babies/toddlers, something easy that they can grab with their hands. I suspect that even without the pandemic and everything, Meghan and Harry always intended for a smaller birthday celebration for Archie. And I’m so glad we got to see him!

Going back to what I was saying about that Bitter 1% criticizing the video… the Bitter Karen patron saint is apparently author Emily Giffin. She’s blonde and she wrote Something Borrowed, which became a Kate Hudson film of the same name. Bitter Karen hates the natural vibes of a… mother reading to her son while daddy films it. That’s the thing that just absolutely destroys these salty bitches: the fact that A) Harry chose Meghan and Archie over his “white family,” B) Harry is incredibly proud of Meghan and Archie and he delights in them every day and C) Harry doesn’t regret any of his choices. All of that is absolutely destroying these pathetic women.

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