Zac Efron's Friend Slams His Recent Plastic Surgery Rumors

Zac Efron is making headlines, but not for his acting or for his boyish good looks. No, he’s getting attention because of his recent plastic surgery rumors. A photo of Zac is circulating around the internet and people are accusing him of going under the knife. Does he look a little different in the photo? Sure. Does that mean he got plastic surgery? Uh, no.

Kylie Sandilands defended his friend from the rumors with an extremely flattering explanation. “It’s like getting a Picasso and having a kid finger paint all over it,” Kyle said on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia on Friday. “Why bother?”

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He continued, “I would know if he’d had any plastic surgery.” Well, anyone who compares Zac to a Picasso seems trustworthy to me. Zac’s been a heartthrob since he rose to fame as a teenager in the High School Musical movies. Now, he’s 33, so he’s bound to look different, ppl!!

One fan tweeted, “this zac efron thing is grinding my gears, beauty standards affect men too!! y’all can’t call yourselves feminists and then shit on men for gaining a little wait/naturally aging. ik i talk shit on men a lot but they don’t have to live up to unrealistic beauty standards EITHER!!!”

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