A rabbit was the star of a high-society birthday bash

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Talk about party-hopping.

We hear that luxury hat designer Eric Javits — whose great-uncle was famed Senator Jacob Javits — celebrated his birthday with a surprise party thrown by his fashionisto partner Di Mondo at the glam beaux arts Cipriani South Street.

Along with two legged socialites like Tara and Michael Rockefeller, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Debbie Bancroft, Kara Ross, and Nicole Miller, was the couple’s pet Australian albino rabbit, Ruby.

“Behind where Eric and Di Mondo were sitting at the table, there was this bunny in a basket,” says a source. “He stayed in there and they also held him and walked him around a bit.”

But don’t call PETA, this lop-eared dandy was a party animal. 

“Ruby seemed to like the party,” says the source. “He wasn’t freaked out by the noise at all.”

We’re told Ruby — who is named for his red eyes — is very popular on Instagram and has been in many fashion shoots.


Javits and Di Mondo met in 2006 after Di Mondo met one of Javits’ relatives at a party and set them up, according to the New York Times.

Di Mondo flew into town specifically to meet Javits, telling the paper the magic was instant.

“He realized that I should be in his life, and he should be in my life,” Di Mondo said. “It was absolutely magical. He wasn’t cynical or jaded. It was refreshing. There was something very pure about him.”

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