A 'Super Smash Bros.' Pro is Opening a Prep School

If you’ve ever wanted to improve on your Super Smash Bros. game, you’re now in luck. A Japanese pro player is now opening up his own prep school to help you get better at the classic Nintendo title.

Going by the name of Souther, the player is currently ranked 122nd in Japan and has announced on Twitter that he’s going to provide lessons for those who wish to bring their game to the next level in Super Smash Bros. While it’ll help if you have a basic understanding of the game or even have a couple of years of experience, he says that the school will be open also to complete beginners.

“I have set up a school to help all Smash Bros. players who want to get better at the game,” Souther writes. “At the moment, there are so many tips and strategy guides online that it’s hard to find which ones are actually good. At this school, lessons are taught based on the assumption that you have zero experience, so you can learn with peace of mind.”

He also says that unlike many other online courses for gaming, his school is offering personalized lessons that directly cater to each student, which entails actual homework and tests. When asked why he wanted to run to project, he replied that he hopes for the Super Smash Bros. community to grow beyond just the same few players up at the top.

“I want to improve the Smash Bros. community. I think it’s better to encourage new players to get better and mix things up than to just stick with the same old pros winning over and over. That’s why I’m working hard to make this school happen.”

There are currently no details on how to enroll or how much these courses would cost, so those interested should definitely be on the lookout for more updates from Souther.

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