Adam Sandler Is An Uncut Gem Playing Basketball At The Park

Maybe it’s the energy he’s getting from all those IHOP milkshakes.

Comedian Adam Sandler, who recently went viral for going unrecognized by a host at the pancake restaurant, burned up the internet again by playing pickup basketball in Long Island over the weekend.

Rocking a baggy salmon polo and shorts, the 54-year-old “Hubie Halloween” star can be seen in clips dribbling the ball upcourt, setting a quick screen and passing to teammates who both miss.

Even celebrities can be unselfish!

Sandler was applauded last month for not playing the celebrity card when video showed him politely walking out of an IHOP after the host told him the wait was 30 minutes. The worker, Dayanna Rodas, posted surveillance footage of Sandler’s visit on TikTok and lamented that she did not recognize the masked “Saturday Night Live” alum. She begged him to come back.

The “Uncut Gems” star joked that the real reason he left was because the restaurant wasn’t offering an all-you-can-drink milkshake deal. He later reunited with the host at a bottomless milkshake charity event at the same Manhasset, New York, IHOP.

Now he’s a hoopin’ Happy Madison spreading joy at the playground.




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