Adult actress star faces ‘mortality’ after stroke in near-death experience

An OnlyFans model who was left in intensive care after suffering a stroke in her sleep has documented her battle in a video diary.

Misha Montana, who also works as a porn star, spent the past month recovering in hospital after the health scare on April 15.

Despite recently joking about having to "get better at left-handed hand jobs", the actress battled for her life in the past month.

And she released a raw video diary sharing her experiences on her OnlyFans account.

The porn star said: "I really want wanted to show the world that our industry is filled with humanity and real world issues."

She continued to tell fans how the experience was the "scariest time in her life".

Misha added: "We all face mortality in our lives.

"It's how we choose to stare down the challenges upon us is what eventually defines us as people.

"I wanted to let the world see my raw self amid the scariest time in my life. This is a speed bump in a road of life I plan to conquer."

The porn star woke up on April 15 with the right side of her body numb with limited mobility in her right arm, hand and face.

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When she went to hospital she was told it was a stroke before doctors confirmed it was due to a heart condition and blood clots.

In another clip on YouTube, Misha opens up about her devastating stroke battle where she breaks down in tears.

She starts by saying she "doesn't want to waste her life being scared or sad", before going into more depth about the experience.

Now a GoFundMe page has been set up for Misha since her terrifying experience last month.

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Before the porn star would document her life including the moment she got an Alien Kitty tattoo in her intimate area.

She often shares photos of her new ink to her Instagram page where she has over 17,700 followers.

The porn star also started a reality show with Alt Erotic director Ivan called "2 Russians 1 America".

It was her co-host Ivan who launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist with her medical and other bills after her stroke.

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He said: "Misha is one of the strongest people I know.

"She is also a grounded and well adjusted, intelligent woman who understands the aspects of humanity and helping others.

"This is not a setback for this fantastic lady.

"This is another opportunity for her to show the world her human side as well as the strength of a positive mindset."

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