Amanda Owen shows off her trim physique after having NINE children

‘How do you look like that after NINE kids?’ Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen stuns fans with snaps of her trim and toned figure as she carries out chores on the farm

  • Amanda Owen, 46, showed had abs of steel while working on Yorkshire barn
  • Mother-of-nine flashed her toned physique in a cropped top during her chores 
  • Was climbing walls of her barn to clear it of any extra hay ahead of the summer

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen showed she still got it after nine pregnancies as she shared a snap of her trim physique with her fans. 

The mother-of-nine, 46, who lives with her brood and her husband Clive Owen, 66, on the farm in Ravenseat, Yorkshire, shared pictures of her barn work on Instagram. 

Dressed in a grey crop top and a pair of black jean shorts, Amanda revealed a slim waist with defined abs, earned through hours of hard grind on the farm. 

In another set of pictures, she flashes a toned and tanned pair of legs in a pink baby doll dress as she indulged in a bit of painting on the side. 

Fans were blown-away by the busy mother’s good shape and complimented her on her trim physique. 

Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen, 46, showed off her trimmed physique on Instagram as she worked on her barn, pictured  

The mother-of-nine stunned fans with her good shape as she revealed she was as keen a painter as she was an experienced shepherdess 

The busy mum, pictured is preparing her farm for the summer and working on her tan in cropped tops and jean shorts

‘You look incredible….who needs a gym when you run a farm,’ one said. 

‘Nine children and looking amazing on it,’ another said. Another added: ‘Jeez.. that body after nine kids.’

Amanda, who wasn’t facing the camera, donned her grey cropped top to open ‘forking holes’. 

She explained: ‘On another level, it isn’t entirely without reason that we’re climbing the walls.

‘Opening the forking holes (once used for forking loose hay in with a pitch fork off a pike bogey). We need to let in light so we can see to clear out any old hay before we fill the barns again.’ 

The couple run the 2,000-acre tenant farm where they manage their flock of around 1,000 sheep and run a B&B while raising their ‘free-range’ children

The mother-of-nine, 46, who runs a 2,000-acre tenant farm in Ravenseat, North Yorkshire, took umbrage with the local school after they criticised her for sending her children to school with ‘brown water’

Yesterday, the mother-of-nine flashed a toned pair of legs during a break from  farming. 

The shepherdess revealed that when she wasn’t herding sheep or working on the farm, she liked to indulge in some relaxing painting. 

She shared a few snaps of her impressive work, and proudly posed next to her paintings. 

Amanda’s fans were stunned with her trimmed physique and pointed how good she looked after nine pregnancies 

Wearing a pink baby doll dress with puffy sleeves and nude heels, Amanda showed her legs as well had benefited from years of working the fields and walking on her 2,000 farm.

The mother-of-nine has talked about her love of ‘skimpy’ clothes in the past, joking she couldn’t ‘turn up with my sheepdog and a shepherd’s crook’ wherever she went. 

Speaking to The Sun earlier this month, she said: ‘I can run around after a sheep in a skirt if that’s what I want to do. 

‘I am who I am and if somebody says to me, “Can you come into a TV studio and talk about being a shepherd?” you can be damn sure I’ll be wearing stilettos and something skimpy, if that’s what I want to wear,’ she added. 

Free spirits! The mother-of-nine said she has instilled a sense of independence in her children (Owen is pictured with some of her children on the Moors)

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