Azealia Banks Begs Fans Not to Stream Debut Album Because Her Label ‘Steals’ the Profits

Even though ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ has accumulated more than 200 million streams, the rapper alleges that all the money goes to Prospect Park’s chief executive, Jeff Kwatinetz.

AceShowbizAzealia Banks is fighting for her rights. Over the weekend, the rapper took to Instagram to ask her fans not to stream her debut album, “Broke With Expensive Taste”, because all the profits are going to go to her label Prospect Park’s chief executive, Jeff Kwatinetz, instead of her or any producers involved in the project.

She admitted to being in “deep pain” for asking her fans such a thing, but it’s something that she has to do. “The pain I feel right now is so deep. I lost ‘212’. I worked so hard on that record. But every stream goes into his pocket,” so Azealia said. “I have the master drive and will figure out a way to press physicals so you can enjoy the music and I can pay the producers the royalties they have been waiting for six years for.”

In another post, she shared screenshots of Jeff’s e-mail to her that found him promising not to put his interest ahead of his artist. “I assure you I only stepped in to do that to be helpful and to solve problems in front of us,” he said at one point in the lengthy mail. “My goal was to insure the best marketing and promotion as I truly believe if done right money made in touring, endorsement and other pursuits will dwarf the record money.” In the caption of the post, Azealia called his mail “the original lie.”

Not stopping there, the “Anna Wintour” rapper later followed it up with another post warning her fans of what Jeff might do in the future. “He will most likely try to press more physicals. Do not purchase them,” she said. “Only when they are available via ME will you actually be able to support myself and the producers involved. Do not buy them via Spotify, Amazon, eBay or any other site until I give you the word.”

“Broke With Expensive Taste” was released in November 2014. Receiving positive reviews from music critics, it debuted at No. 30 on Billboard 200.

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